my mom's 60th birthday pineapple quilt

This is my very favorite quilt, because it was designed and made for a very special woman - my mother!


I had a charming collection of pastel fabrics that I bought in Arizona, USA when I was visiting my mother on vacation when she was living there in AZ. They were always wanting to be put into a quilt, but I never found that perfect pattern. Do you know what I mean? I thought it very fitting to use this collection when we began with the pineapple block in my patchwork group.


The typical pineapple log cabin is a square block, like below, but I thought it was a shame to cut the corner pieces. How to describe this easier? Below, you can see the block with a dark green triangle in the corner. I did not use TRIANGLES but SQUARES to connect the blocks. This is extremely difficult, because I sewed four "Y-Seams" onto every block! It was my first time with "Y-seams," so, I ripped ALL of them at least four times. Most of them came out square though. This is a rarity on a pineapple quilt.


I was the most happiest with the appliquéd pineapples in the corners and the QUILTING. I found a good starting quilting design which changed the total feel of the quilt. 


--Thank you, Brigitte Heitland of QD Service in Germany for enhancing my patchwork with your wonderful quilting and design talents!--


I happily gave my mom her quilt when I visited her again, back in North Carolina in fall of 2010.  I think she enjoyed it, but was a little disappointed with the machine quilting. You know, it is always hard to please a hand quilter! ;-) I was very proud of this quilt, because it was and remains one of the most difficult things I have made. I attempted the Y-Seam only one other time in the five sisters block which I also gave to my mom.


I love you Mom!

Thank you for stopping by and reading about my favorite quilt.
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