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Looking for a crisp and clean patchwork pattern? Check out the patterns below. They are original patterns designed and made using the SEP principle - simple, easy, practical.


These patterns are free for non-commercial, non-profit, personal use without written consent from easypatchwork. You may even use the patterns to instruct a small group of quilters (<20). Please contact me if you would like to publish any or part of the patterns below. 


Thanks for checking out the patterns. And please leave some words of wisdom or thanks.

Gratis Anleitung in deutsch

Hier findet Ihr meine neuesten Schnittmuster und Anleitungen zum Anschauen und Herunterladen. Ich freue mich auf eure Kommentare in der Restekiste!

gefaltener Stern Anleitung

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easy pyramid egg warmer

Are you looking for that perfect little quick gift for someone especially for a birthday or Christmas? How about this adorable pyramid egg warmer that will cheer anyone up. It even makes a quick addition to your Easter table. Here is a tutorial that will show you how to make the cutest egg wrap from triangles in less than one hour!

Easy Pyramid Egg Warmer - a tutorial from easypatchwork
easy pyramid egg warmer.pdf
PDF-Dokument [1.7 MB]

ep Love Letters Wall Hanging

Don’t you wish you had a tool to drop your loved ones a little love note once and a while? Make this cute wall hanging especially for Valentine’s Day or to use for the whole year.


Quilt Stats:

~14" x 39"

Difficulty: easy

Get the instructions FREE at my Craftsy Store

ep Love Letter Envelope Foundation Pattern
You will need to download the foundation pattern here and the instructions on Craftsy. Thank you for downloading. Don't forget to leave a little appreciation!
easypatchwork Love Letters envelope.pdf
PDF-Dokument [33.6 KB]

Linear Refraction

Sixty degree triangle quilts are easy to make. This pattern throws in a parallelogram for added interest and additional shapes. Make it one of two colorways - ice or spice.


Quilt Stats:

38½ x 38½” or ~98 x 98 cm

Triangle Height 4.75”

Triangle Width 5.5”

Difficulty: a slight challenge

Linear Refraction
PDF-Dokument [201.5 KB]

Birds in the Orchard

This is a quick and easy pattern for mini quitl using a simple hourglass and 3-Dimensional Flying Geese block. Just find a small panel to start your creation and pick the coordinating colors from there.


Block Size: 2.5"

Center Block Size: 8.5"

Quilt Size: 12.5"


Difficulty: easy +1

Birds in the Orchard Miniature Quilt
birds in the orchard.pdf
PDF-Dokument [148.7 KB]

the everyday Table Runner

What to do with that oh, so pretty and new charm pack? Make a simple every day table runner that you can whip up in just a few hours. From any 5" charm pack, take seven dark, seven light and thirteen prints to make this easy table runner in just one morning. You can choose self-made binding  or simply sew and flip for an even quicker runner with fabrics right out of your stash.


Block Size: 4"

Quilt Size: 19 x 40"


Difficulty: easy

the Everyday Table Runner - the everyday Table Ru[...]
PDF-Dokument [363.5 KB]

prairie Traditions

Prairie Traditions is made with ca. 23 fabrics from one 10" Moda Layer Cake, some white and red. This is a really great pattern to use up those medium sized scraps and a stunning traditional block lap quilt. And when you add cotton batting, it is oh so warm and comforting.


Check out another colorway at the Moda Bake Shop.


Block Size: 6"

Quilt Size: 45.5 x 54"


Difficulty: easy +1


prairie Traditions - Layer Cake Friendly
Prairie Traditions.pdf
PDF-Dokument [201.4 KB]

the casually pieced Rückseite

Do you have a lot of scraps laying around or want to use up those scraps from praire Traditions? What a wonderful way to make a speedy quilt either for the front or for the backside. All you need is 1.5 yards from your favorite print, a little white and your scraps. You will have a very modern and striking  backing panel in no time.


Rückseite means "reverse side" in German.


Quilte Size: 50 x 58"


Difficulty: very easy

the casually pieced Rückseite
PDF-Dokument [189.4 KB]

Slice & Roll Kinderquilt

My tribute to the Berenstain Bears. I totally fell in love with the Berenstain Bears fabric line introduced in 2012 by Moda Fabrics called “Welcome to Bear Country.” It is based on the figures from a line of books from Jan and Stan Berenstain that was first debuted in the 1951. The original four characters, Mama, Papa, Sister and Brother Bear are taught important lessons in life such as telling the truth, dealing with bullies, compromising, accepting a new babysitter, going to the dentist and so much more. All of the colors in the quilt are pulled directly from the books.


What makes this quilt pop is the “book” in the lower right corner made from a larger print fabric and a SELVAGE TAG flap directly from the fabric. You can use any novelty fabric and just pull the other coordinating colors from your master fabric.


This pattern is now offered FREE FOR DOWNLOAD.


Block Size:9"

Quilt Size: 70 x 90" and ~ 57 x 76"


Difficulty: easy


Slice & Roll Kinderquilt
PDF-Dokument [249.7 KB]


gefaltener Stern Anleitung

A few months ago, I came across a technique that I didn't know - the fancy folded star written by Maria Wallin of I used the technique to create an almost sewless star with WOW effect. You can get the German translation here for download.

gefaltener Stern - anleitung in deutsch
gefaltener Stern_ep_Wallin.pdf
PDF-Dokument [4.7 MB]

Please keep in mind, all rights are reserved. You may print and sew or even five copies to your friends or sewing group, but you are not allowed to sell the finished product from these patterns nor sell nor publish without written prior permission from easypatchwork.
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